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Bluebell Smart Baby Monitor

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Reinventing the traditional baby monitor, Bluebell is on a mission to make parenting simpler.
Going above and beyond to monitor your baby's breathing, temperature, crying, movement, sleep and more, you will get real-time vibration alerts to your Parent wristband and Mobile app, 24/7, even outside and without Wi-Fi. Knowing you're connected and will only be alerted when needed will help to reduce stress and improve sleep, which is handy as the parent wristband tracks your sleep, steps, activity with your wellbeing in mind as well as baby’s.


  • Real-time alerts: monitor your baby's breathing, temperature, movement, crying, sleep and if they roll on their tummy. Get real-time vibration alerts on these to your parent wristband and mobile app.
  • Routine sorted: track and plan nappy changes, feeds, pumping, medication, bath-time and sleep. Get reminders so you can lock down your routine.
  • Get more sleep: lullabies, white noise, two way audio and speaker, handy nightlight for changes and feeds, room noise and temperature monitoring. Bluebell have everything for a restful night's sleep.
  • 24/7 monitoring, in and outside home: your monitor even works on the go, without wifi. It’s convenient, hands-free and reliable.
  • Parenting insights: Bluebell identifies patterns and trends and translates them into simple parenting insights to make parenting simpler.
  • Share care: invite friends, family and babysitters to the app, so they too can monitor and follow your baby's routine. Share bluebell's insights with healthcare professionals if needed.
  • Parent well-being: monitor your own steps, sleep and activity too with the parent wristband. Stay on top of your own well-being so you can provide the best care for your little one.
Five products in one: you get more for your money with Bluebell. With Bluebell you get:
  • An alerts monitor
  • An audio monitor
  • A lullaby and white noise player
  • A nightlight & temperature monitor
  • A fitness/well-being tracker for parent
  • The Baby Monitor: Super lightweight, the clip attaches to your baby’s clothing and monitors them 24/7. Splash, rain, baby vomit, drool and wee proof! Safe to use from birth. You'll be alerted when it’s not attached properly to baby.
  • The Parent Wristband: The Parent wristband makes monitoring hands-free! Working both inside and outside the house, you'll always be alerted if anything is wrong. Use the handy buttons to log routine data, which then gets updated in the mobile app - now that's smart!
  • The Smart Hub: Sits in the baby's nursery and charges the Baby Monitor and Parent Wristband. Doubles up as a nightlight, lullaby speaker, white noise and has a listen-in/speak-to baby feature.
  • Mobile App: Where all your baby's data is stored. You can have multiple logins to the app, so parents, grandparents and babysitters can all access baby's data and routine. You can use the app to share insights with healthcare professionals too!
Good to know:
  • Suitable from birth up to 2 years
  • Parent wristband and Smart Hub connect up to a range of 40 metres. Baby monitor and Smart Hub connect up to a range of 20 metres. Outside the house Baby Monitor and Parent Wristband connects directly without Smart Hub.
  • Bluebell uses 'Thread Technology' which provides high security and range. The energy levels emitted via this Thread Technology are very low as the baby monitor is in 'sleep mode' 95% of the time. Using Bluebell for 8 hours a day for a whole year is the same as using your mobile phone next to baby for a few hours.
  • Bluebell has been thoroughly tested and certified as safe as a baby wearable.
  • Measures skin-temperature, which can be affected by environmental factors and varying skin contact with baby’s position
  • Baby Monitor lasts up to 3 days. Parent Wristband lasts up to 1.5 days. Takes 2 hours for a full charge.
  • WiFi: Connect to a 2.4Ghz network. Bluebell works outside the home and when your WiFi is down too
What’s Included:
  • Baby monitor
  • Parent wristband
  • Smart hub with power cable
  • User manual
  • Free iPhone or Android mobile app


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