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The Bath Time Range

Choose from our selection of high-quality baby bath products

Our bath time accessories and bath units make bathtime fun and hassle-free for everyone! We have a complete range of bath products that make the experience more enjoyable for your little ones and you.

Our bath unit features a drain system and changer that sits nicely on top when the bath is not in use. It also comes on wheels, which is great for moving from one room to another.

Our newborn bath is long, ensuring you can get a lot of use from the tub, even as your baby grows. We provide separate storage baskets and shelves to store all the bath items you need for your baby at changing and bath times.

We also have bath support sponges, hooded baby bath towels, and a fab range of bath toys too.

Shopping with Baby Elegance gives you access to high quality products that prioritise durability and quality.

Make bath time fun for your little one

Babies gradually get used to baths, but they usually only start to enjoy them once they reach three-months-old. If your little one isn't adjusting well to bathtime, our products can be a helpful way to inject some fun into the experience. You can also introduce the duck and ducklings toy set when transitioning your children to the big bath.

Keep your little one safe with quality-assured baby bath supplies

When it comes to bathtime for babies, every parent knows that hot water can be dangerous. However, cold water can be equally risky for your baby's health. Instead of using the traditional (and unreliable) elbow test, we offer a range of thermometers.

The Baby Elegance Bathroom Safety pack ensures safety with a thermometer, non-slip stickers, toilet seat lock and a baby toy tidy.

Convenience for parents -  baby bath essentials

Never forget that having a baby is an educational experience - especially if you're a first-time parent. We aim to make you feel safe and prepared for anything. With babies, it's always the small things that count, and each of our products help make bathtime enjoyable for everyone.

With a range of baby changing mats and cot top changers and a sink bathtub that allows you to wash a newborn without risking damage to their neck, you can stock up on bath accessories for newborns up to toddlers.


How often should I bathe my baby?

Most specialists agree newborns should have a bath two to three times weekly. However, if your little one enjoys the experience, you can use our toys to encourage your baby to have a daily bath.

Why shouldn't I bathe my baby in cold water?

Just as hot water can damage a baby, cold water can cause their body temperature to drop significantly. You should aim to bathe the baby in around five to ten minutes and have a hooded towel ready to keep them warm.

What kind of bath is best for a newborn?

You should look for a bath suitable for your baby's size and age range, but there are other things to consider when choosing the right tub. For example, some tubs, such as the Bubble Tub, come with a removable insert, which adapts to a growing child's needs.

Ultimately, there's no right or wrong answer about which bath is best, but you should prioritise your baby's safety and choose a tub that grows with them.

How can I be sure the bath water is the right temperature?

Check the temperature of the bath with a thermometer, the temperature should be between 37-38oC. However, always check the temperature of the water yourself before popping your baby in. Just to be safe. Dip your elbow in - the skin here is particularly sensitive, and if the water is too hot, you'll know it instantly. The temperature should feel lukewarm and comfortable for you.