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Make mealtimes fun for your little one and stress-free for you with quality baby feeding products

As your baby gets older and begins to discover new things, you'll want to facilitate their development by offering more independence.

High chairs are ideal because they allow you to introduce your little one to mealtimes and encourage self-feeding. Our own Mash High Chair is capable of comfortably holding a newborn (with the attachable newborn seat) up to a toddler.

However, with so many chairs available, knowing where to start takes time and effort. At Baby Elegance, we're committed to giving each parent access to high-quality high chairs that suit current and future needs.

Functional, high-quality baby high chairs that will stand the test of time.

Our innovative high chairs have all the functionality you need from a high chair and surpass expectations in terms of quality and value. Weaning your baby and transitioning to solids can take a lot of effort and patience - especially when experimenting with new foods.

A comfortable baby highchair can make a significant difference because feeding time will be a better experience if your baby feels comfortable.

We offer a range of chairs for varying needs, including our award winning Nup Nup range and Mash high chair bundle.

Supreme quality with our signature highchair

Our beautiful Baby Elegance Nup Nup high chair will be a lovely piece of furniture in your home, and meal times will be easier with its wipe-clean, removable table.

With adjustable height and back settings, your baby can eat at the table with the family and get used to the social elements of dinner.

The chair also folds away for easy storage and fits newborns up to 36-month-olds comfortably.

View Nup Nup High Chair

Feed your baby anytime, anywhere with our convenient baby feeding accessories

When you have a baby, you want life to be as stress-free as possible. Our range of products make life easier for breastfeeding or bottle feeding mothers on the go. We develop each product in our collection based on its ability to save time and value for money.

Shop our entire range of baby feeding essentials at Baby Elegance

We offer a tracked courier service plus free delivery for orders over €30 in the EU or orders over £80 in the UK. If we don't use them or give them to our children, you won't see them in our store.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team. We're always happy to help.


Is breast milk or formula feeding better?

Most doctors recommend breastfeeding as breast milk has more nutrients than formula feed, but there are plenty of benefits to formula too. Ultimately, there's no right or wrong answer here, but breastfeeding will always win if you want your baby to get the maximum amount of vitamins, nutrients and health benefits.

How much should I feed my baby?

Babies are usually quite happy to let you know when they want a feed, but it's crucial to remember their stomachs are tiny. Some infants feed every hour, while others wait a couple of hours between meals.

Why is the breastfeeding cover beneficial?

A breastfeeding cover can make mothers feel more comfortable with breastfeeding. It allows you to cover up while ensuring you can feed your baby wherever you are, including in public places.

When should I start giving my child solid foods?

The general understanding is that babies should start trying solids when they're six months old. Starting your little one off on fruits is an excellent idea because they're still relatively soft, and you can use the ClevaFeed tools to promote safety.

Do I need a highchair?

While some families are fine without one, highchairs are necessities for many parents. There are obvious safety benefits, as the chair will support your little one's head while you take care of other things.

Many people also enjoy the face-to-face contact they get with their baby, along with family bonding. With the baby at the table, it's a great time to teach different eating habits, such as using plates and cups.

When should a baby stop using the highchair?

There's no set age, as it's different for all children. Some might find the chair offers emotional support, while more adventurous babies will probably want to stake their place at the dinner table.

Most children generally move away from their feeding chair between 18 months to three years old.

When can my baby experiment with different food groups?

Most would agree that the right age for a baby to incorporate other foods into their diet would be around seven or eight months old. During this time, you could give your child dairy, meat and grains.