Buggies, Pushchairs, Twins/Doubles & Travel Systems

At Baby Elegance we have produced a wide range of buggies and pushchairs that make going out with your baby so much easier.

From the strollers to the TUX that can quickly and easily fold up so small that it can even be taken on board the airplane with you. Right up to the Cupla Duo pushchair which can later be adapted to take 2 children together. At Baby Elegance we have the pushchair for you.

Our buggies are both stylish and innovative so they will not disappoint. Our baby elegance team are always on hand to help you choose from our beautiful collection of pushchairs.

  • Buggies & Pushchairs  

    Buggies & Pushchairs

    At Baby Elegance we have produced a wide range of buggies and baby pushchairs that make going out with your baby so much easier.

  • Travel Systems  

    Travel Systems

    Our innovative travel systems have great advantages over normal strollers as you can leave your baby to sleep in the car seat or carrycot while on the go without disturbing them.

  • Twins & Doubles  

    Twins & Doubles

    Check out our range of double buggy pushchairs and double pushchairs for toddlers and newborns. Everything you need in one buggy for your 2 little bundles.

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Below you will find the most frequently asked questions we receive about buggies, pushchairs, travel systems and twins/doubles. If you can't find an answer to your question, simply get in touch and of our customer care team will be happy to help.

Pushchair FAQs

When should I change from carrycot to pushchair?

It is recommended to change from carrycot to pushchair at 9kg or when baby can sit up or roll over without any help. Whichever comes first.

When should I buy a pushchair if I am pregnant?

This varies from person to person. Some people like to have everything picked and paid for well in advance but others like to wait until closer to the due date or even after in some cases.

We would always advise talking to us if you are planning to leave it to later to make sure that the colour or model you want is in stock to avoid disappointment.

Are pushchair prams suitable for newborns?

Yes, most prams are suitable from birth – 6 months. It is always good to check this as there are some options that can’t be used until 6

Do I really need to buy a pushchair?

A pushchair is one of the essential items for you and your baby. It allows you to get out in the fresh air and for your baby to get used
to what's out there to see.

What is the difference between a pushchair and stroller?

A pushchair tends to be a larger system with interchangeable
parts such as a car seat or carrycot. A stroller would be something smaller and lightweight normally used as the child reaches 1-2 years.

What pushchair should I get?

At Baby Elegance we have a wide range of pushchairs for all
budgets. With brands such as Baby Elegance, Nuna, Quinny and UppaBaby to name a few. We have all you need for your bundle of joy and our team of experts will be happy to run through the options with you.

What should I look out for when buying a pushchair?

Look for things that suit your needs. If you live outside a city you might want something suitable for long walks on various path/road finishes.

Living in a more urban area you might be inclined to go for something more lightweight and capable of compact folding for transport.

Whatever you need we have a pushchair for you.

Baby Travel System FAQs

What is a baby travel system?

A travel system is essentially a pushchair that can be used with a baby car seat or a carrycot or both. They make it easier to transport sleeping babies without
disturbing them too much.

How do I choose a travel system?

It can be overwhelming these days due to the wide variety of options. Always start with something that suits you and your needs and of course your budget.

Don’t be tricked into thinking the most expensive is the best but rather get in-store and push a few and see what’s right for you.

What is a travel system stroller?

A travel system stroller is where you have a lightweight compact fold stroller that can also take a car seat.

Are baby travel systems safe?

Absolutely! Travel systems that are sold in the UK and Ireland go through a wide scope of tests in order to keep you and your little one safe.

Are baby travel system car seats universal?

No! There are some universal adaptors available for some travel systems however it is always a good idea to check with your retailer prior to purchasing to ensure your seat will fit the travel system you are thinking of buying.

Howlong do you get out of a travel system?

This depends on the travel system you choose however most travel systems these days will be suitable from birth – 22kg so roughly 3 years of age.

When do I switch from a 3 in 1 baby travel system to a baby stroller?

If you are finding your travel system is getting heavy and bulky to lug around for your toddler then maybe its time to switch to stroller.

Check the weight limit on your travel system and this normally ranges from 15kg – 22kg.