Baby Travel Essentials: Car Seats, Carriers, Travel Cots & Cribs

Those first family adventures are exciting and daunting, and you naturally want to provide the same comfort and security that your home gives.

Our Baby Elegance range of car seats, carriers, travel cots & cribs gives you peace of mind knowing that your little ones will arrive safely, sleep soundly and return home already looking forward to the next adventure!

In addition to our award-winning travel products, you'll find leading brands like Maxi-CosiErgo BabyBabyBjörn and many more.

Enjoy travelling with your baby without compromising safety. We guarantee a wide range of products at fantastic prices.

  • Car Seats  

    Car Seats

    We have a range of car seats. Some are suitable from birth, whereas others are designed for growing toddlers. Choose from car seats with the international safety standard ISOFIX system to ensure perfect anchorage in your car, or car seats that use the car's seat belt to anchor them.

  • Baby Carriers  

    Baby Carriers

    Baby Elegance is a proud stockist of ErgoBaby and BabyBjörn baby carriers. Carry your little one safely and in style.

  • Travel Cots & Cribs  

    Travel Cots & Cribs

    Our travel cots and cribs provide a comfy sleep space for your little one while also ensuring good air circulation at night time to allow for a safe sleep.

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Enjoy a great choice of baby travel products when you shop at Baby Elegance

You want good-value products for your baby without compromising safety and convenience - but why is that so hard to find? When you choose Baby Elegance, you can take advantage of a reputable company, fantastic products and a small-business mentality.

Quality assured

We make sure that each product we stock (including our own brand goods) is of the highest quality and meets all UK and EU safety standards. You can guarantee that anything you buy from us won't disappoint you and your baby.

We're one of the longest-running brands

While many retailers failed to adapt to changing shopping trends and consumer demands, we've survived 40 years and have no wish to slow down any time soon.

Our dedicated team make our growth possible, and as a family business, we never fail to offer the best customer service.

Award-winning company

We’re incredibly proud to have won numerous awards for our range of Baby Elegance products, including Gold in the Bedside Cot/Crib category at the Best Baby and Toddler Gear 2018 awards for our Kangu Foldable Crib, and more recently Gold in the Lightweight Stroller category at the Pregnancy & Baby Fair Awards 2023, for our Whirl Pushchair, and silver in the Cot, Crib or Moses basket category for our Co Glide Electric Bedside Crib.

As well as National Parenting Product and Made For Mums accolades. Our success is attributable to our dedication and commitment to sourcing - and creating the best products.

Make sure your baby travels in style

With a range of cost-effective but quality cots, cribs and car seats available, we're confident you'll find everything you need at Baby Elegance. We offer a tracked courier service plus free delivery for orders over €30 in the EU or orders over £80 in the UK.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We're always on hand to offer support and advice.


Below you will find the most frequently asked questions we receive about car seats, carriers and travel cots & cribs. If you can't find an answer to your question, please get in touch with our team for support.

Car Seat FAQs

Are car seat covers safe?

Car seat liners can be used in most car seats. However, items that restrict the removal of the baby in an accident by covering the harness would not be recommended.

How do I check the expiry date of a car seat?

If you are unsure of the date on your car seat, it is always a good idea to contact the manufacturer to ask them to check for you via a serial number or production date stamp.

How do I fit a Maxi Cosi car seat?

Our in-store experts would be happy to run through the fitting of your car seat with you.

What is a stage 2 car seat?

Car seats a broken into groups generally, which run from 0+, 1, 2, and 3 and these advise the weight or size of the child that can use that seat.

How long can a baby travel in a car seat for?

If you are planning a long trip with a baby in the car seat, it is always a good idea to stop occasionally to give the baby time out of the seat. Most car manufacturers recommend babies are not in a car seat for longer than 2 hours at a time.


With the introduction of iSize car seats, you can now rearward face for longer. Check out our range of rearward-facing car seats online or in-store.

How do I clean down the side of a car seat?

Hoover! A hoover will be your best friend when cleaning your car seat. If it's hard to get down the corners, you should be able to remove the cover to get into the hard-to-reach areas gently.

How do I get mould out of a car seat?

Your car seat cover will typically be removable. It would be best to take the seat cover off and wash it to the manufacturer's recommendation.

Why should babies not wear coats in car seats?

Heavy coats can mean the harness strap of the car seat is not tightened to the correct level and could leave a gap between the harness and the child. In the case of an accident, the air inside the coat will compress against the harness and cause excess movement.

Do charity shops take car seats?

Some may take them, but it is not recommended to use a second-hand car seat as you don't know the history of the seat; thus, a lot of the charity shops won't take them.

Do I need an Isofix base for a car seat?

Some seats require an Isofix base, whilst others can be belted in directly or have a base built into them. Always check with your nursery expert in-store or online if your car seat will require a base or the options.

How long can baby stay in a Maxi Cosi car seat?

If you are planning a long trip with a baby in the car seat, it is always a good idea to stop occasionally to give the baby time out of the seat. Most car manufacturers recommend babies are not in a car seat for longer than 2 hours at a time.

How long do car seats last?

A car seat should last up to 10 years, depending on how they are kept. Always keep your car seat in good condition when storing it if you plan to use it again.

Travel Cots & Cribs FAQs

How long can I use a bedside crib?

Generally, bedside cribs are from birth – 6 months or once the baby can sit up unaided. Once that happens, it's time to move to a cot or cot bed.


Yes, absolutely and this is recommended. Most of our cribs are easily folded for transport, and babies sleeping in the same crib when you are away will help keep them calm at night by sleeping in familiar surroundings and smells.

Why do some travel cots have 2 levels?

Some travel cots come with a second level. This allows you to use the upper level from 0 – 6 months (or 9kg in most cases). You can remove that level and use the travel cot from 6 months + or as a playpen.


This is common with tall babies. The cribs are all designed within the dimensions set out by the safety standards, so sometimes you can find babies outgrown the crib earlier than six months.

If that's the case and space allows, you could purchase a cot and keep it in your room for a few more months. Alternatively, you could go for a travel cot that will come in handy for a few years and keep that in your room for the time.


Travel cots are convenient, highly transportable and great value for parents. However, the best travel cot for your needs depends on the mattress type, weight and design it has. Choosing a lightweight cot that allows you to store it away when not in use is best.

One of our most popular cots is the Kangu Foldable Crib, which weighs just under 7 kg and comes with an anti-allergy mattress.


Drop-down side cribs have one side that drops down, allowing the parent easy access to the baby. While they have had a bad rap in the past, some safe options are available for parents.

Manufacturers have to ensure their cots meet the legal guidelines put in place by the government, but all of our cribs are from reputable manufacturers, so you don't need to worry about whether your crib is legal.