Travel Systems for Babies

Turn the stress of travelling with your baby into a seamless experience with Baby Elegance. We have a wide range of handy travel systems for...
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Travel Systems are Portable and Convenient Solutions for you and your Baby

Baby travel systems usually include a carry cot which attaches and detaches to your stroller. Their primary purpose is to provide a safe and comfortable place for newborns and young babies to sleep and rest while on the go.

The carry cots are typically made from soft, breathable fabrics and have a padded mattress to provide a comfortable sleeping surface for the baby. They're also easy to remove from the stroller, ensuring your little one sleeps peacefully.

Plenty of carry cots are available, and the ones we include in the Baby Elegance range of products are all designed to provide superior comfort and never compromise on safety.

Baby Elegance Travel Systems

Our beautifully made frames allow you to easily add our cosy car seat or carrycot for your newborn; and then as your baby grows, simply switch out the carrycot for our stylish and comfortable pushchair seat. The Baby Elegance range of travel systems really are the 'all in one system'.

Our innovative travel systems offer huge advantages over regular strollers, as you can leave your baby to sleep in the car seat or carrycot, while on the go, without disturbing them. The seat units can be forward or rearward facing, allowing you to have your baby face you when they're little, and turn it forward-facing when it's time to explore the world.

One of our most popular products is the Venti Travel System, which converts from pushchair to carrycot easily, and when your little one needs a nap on the go, you can set the seat to recline in a lie-back position.

The Venti travel system also has a large carrycot seat that ensures comfort and gives your baby plenty of room to sleep.

The Cupla Duo 2 in 1 pushchair is another best seller, as it's a fully adaptable baby travel system which will grow with your family.

If you're looking for something compact and convenient, the Drift Travel System won't let you down. With its superior folding capabilities and four-wheel suspension, you can save money while enjoying the freedom of getting out and about.

Bugaboo Pushchair Travel Systems

Bugaboo is another popular brand with a range of travel systems that are in the premium price range. One of the more cost-effective systems is the Cameleon 3 Plus which includes a chassis, base seat, canopy and rain cover.

The Fox range is another one of Bugaboo's most popular travel systems. We stock the Bugaboo Fox 3 Mineral buggy, which has plenty of premium features, including a carrycot with a mesh mattress, air panels.

A large sun canopy shades your baby and the wheels make even the bumpiest ride seem smooth.

UPPABaby Baby Travel Systems

UPPABaby is one of our other popular brands, providing some great travel systems for newborns and toddlers. The VISTA 2 carry cot is suitable for newborns up to 9kg, and with the ability to transition to the toddler seat, this system will last until your little one reaches 22kg.

With its comfortable carrycot, which is fully detachable with just one hand, UPPABaby has everything your little one needs to enjoy a peaceful journey.

If you're looking for a stroller that will accommodate young toddlers, the CRUZ 2 won't let you down. It has a larger seat and is a high-capacity stroller with a slim design. Compact, portable and practical, this stroller has it all - and it looks great too.

Need Some Help Choosing the Perfect Travel System for Your Needs?

At Baby Elegance, we believe every parent should have access to high-quality products that don't break the bank. When you shop with us, you take advantage of premium travel systems at great prices.

With a range of signature baby travel systems to choose between - including sturdy strollers and convenient carrycots - there's something for everyone here.

We want to make your shopping experience as stress-free as possible, and we always aim to offer advice and support whenever you need it. Please browse our travel systems and choose the perfect one for your little one.

If you need some help, please look at the FAQ section, or feel free to contact our friendly customer service team.

Baby Travel System FAQs

Are travel systems the same as prams and pushchairs?

The average pram or pushchair usually comes in a fixed design - but travel systems are more convenient for parents and babies. They come with a seat you can remove, making it easy to transition from the car to a buggy.

There are plenty of designs available, so you can find prams that have removable seats, and most products are suitable for newborns and toddlers.

Do I have to buy a whole travel system?

Most people find it easier to purchase a bundle because everything is included in the price. However, most brands also let you buy separate items, which is helpful if you already have a base or seat.

How much should I spend on a travel system?

If you have a strict budget in mind, go for a travel system that suits your needs and meets those restrictions. You don't need to spend a fortune on a travel system, and our hit Baby Elegance range offers premium systems at cost-effective prices.

What should I look for in a carrycot?

Safety is essential with carrycots, so ensure the one you choose attaches safely to the stroller. It's always a good idea to buy a carrycot and stroller from the same product range, as it ensures all of the items are compatible.

Also, make sure you choose the right size and style of carrycot for your baby, and choose one with good padding to keep the little one comfortable.