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Your baby's safety is paramount as they begin to grow and explore their surroundings. Baby Elegance supply a full range of home and travel sa...
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12 products

The home safety range

Childproofing your property is essential, especially when curious kids start to explore their surroundings.

According to Health Partners, falls are the most common cause of injuries in babies and young children - especially on the stairs and in slippery bathtubs.

To give you peace of mind that your child is safe, we offer a selection of products in our home safety range, designed to keep your little one free from harm.

Bathroom safety

If your little one has access to the bathroom, ensuring it's a safe place is a good idea. Safety gates restrict access to rooms, while other baby-proofing accessories will help keep curious little fingers safe too.

Our Bathroom Safety Pack includes a door positioner, latch, toilet lock and thermometer for bathing babies.

Baby monitors

Baby monitors are an invaluable tool, giving parents peace of mind that their little ones are safe while sleeping. Some even evaluate the quality of your little one's sleep. Traditional monitors allow parents to hear their baby, but newer models have a range of impressive features such as night vision.

We stock a wide range of baby monitor products, including the Owlet range. The Owlet Duo V3 is packed with useful features, including a camera to keep an eye on your baby, and an app that connects to your phone, allowing you to measure oxygen levels and heart rate.

The Bluebell Baby Smart Monitor is also a great choice, with many of the same features as the Owlet range. However, you don't need to worry about being close to WiFi constantly because the monitor will still send you alerts as and when required.

Useful & practical items for your baby

Baby safety isn't just about providing safety equipment because health and wellbeing matter too. Once you identify and secure potential hazards, you can focus on other things, such as creating a safe place to play.

We've got you covered with our very own Baby Elegance Play Mat, which provides a great space for your little one to crawl and walk. It also has a folding design for easy storage and colourful patterns that attract your baby.

Make sure your baby is kept safe and healthy with the Soothertree Microwave Sterilizer, which can quickly sterilise six soothers; that's a happy baby and a relaxed parent.

Why buy baby-proofing products with Baby Elegance?

Baby Elegance has served babies and parents for over three decades, and our brand keeps growing. From the early days of operating from an old church to having three Dublin stores and customers from all over Ireland and the UK, our commitment to sourcing and creating high-quality baby products is at the root of our success.

With a focus on delivering value for money and a dedicated team who will always go the extra mile for each customer, we're confident you'll love shopping with Baby Elegance.

Please feel free to get in touch with our friendly team. We're always happy to offer advice and support, including advising on which products suit your needs.


When should I start using safety gates?

Safety gates aren't just for when your child starts to walk, you should actually install them when your baby hits six months - as this is the average age they begin crawling and exploring.

Safety gates are vital baby-proofing tools as they stop your baby from accessing dangerous areas and can help prevent any falls down the stairs.

Do I need a baby monitor with a camera?

While a monitor with a camera isn't essential, it is an incredibly helpful tool to ensure the health and wellbeing of your child, particularly as it's most used during a time when they're on their own, i.e. when sleeping.

There's nothing wrong with traditional, sound-only monitors, but watching your baby sleep and receiving updates on your phone can give you comfort when you can't physically see them.

My baby is constantly exploring. How can I prioritise safety?

Baby-proofing is possibly one of the hardest things for parents to manage - but it is possible. The important thing is to identify areas of interest and ensure you have enough security.

Fire guards, along with window and fridge locks, are always useful - but managing your baby's safety also requires a modicum of common sense too. For example, closing doors and locking away glass items and potentially toxic products, will all help keep your baby safe.

What temperature should a baby's bath be?

A baby's bath temperature should fall between 37-38°C, which is warm - but not hot. Using a thermometer is the best way to test bathwater effectively. However, equipment can malfunction, so it's always a good idea to quickly conduct the elbow test before putting the baby in the bath, just to be sure. To do that, simply dip your bare elbow in the bathwater. Your elbow is one of the most sensitive parts of your body. If the water is too warm, you'll know about it.